Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Straining to Run

I seem to have a knack for straining my calf doing intervals.  Last fall I had a mild strain to my right calf due to over striding my intervals. Some PT and slower running and I was over it.  Tuesday I had intervals, which I felt I landed okay, but I guess not okay enough boo. I was questioning over the last couple days if its just an ache or what. Same calf, top left side but not as bad thankfully. Ice, compression wrap. No pain to touch, no redness, fine walking and stairs, and I can still run. The runs are a bit more effort.

Yesterday I did 10 miles, I am going to fall into the Hanson schedule now which called for an easy run, so I just did whatever felt comfortable. I almost turned back after 1 mile, as my leg was aching. Not a sharp pain, just that dull warm pain of a strain. I told myself to try a couple miles as these things tend to feel better after a little bit of running. The ache turned duller and by mile 6, it was fairly manageable.  I wasn't tracking my pace as I didn't want to feel some mental obligation to do more. It was also in the evening, which is not my usual run time and felt odd to be out with so many people and not on a Sunday. I got home and felt okay, lots of stretches and icing.

This morning was an easy/recovery type run, 7 miles, slower than yesterday. I wore my compression sleeve on my leg and my warm up for my leg only took like 2-3 miles and I started to feel like I could push off easier. All I did was think about my leg and my training for the run. Would I be able to get recovered from this fast? I figure I can take it a little easier on the next interval day or so, but keep up my miles and keep the tempo days in.  I have to make it a point to make time in the evening to do hip work outs to keep my calves from overcompensating.  My wife is also getting back into jogging and we were able to talk aches that I could finally relate to!

Enough about my pity fest!

This morning's run was also pretty nice. Decent weather, Elijah Running Group was out in force, and on my return trip.. CARA pace groups were hitting the lakefront in mass. I passed at least 5 groups, and I'm sure there were a few more that were coming around an offshoot of the path. I swear I saw Fueling Strong out there in a pace group, or at least her twin ( if you read this mrs fueling, were you out there?).

After my run and getting the kid fed, we went to M Henrietta for breakfast. Anyone I go there, I MUST get the out of this world breakfast bread pudding: a bowl of our creamy vanilla and egg custard brioche bread pudding, topped w/warm peaches & blackberries. Simply AMAZING! I got the large portion, which can be a meal on its own.. But after not eating enough last night, it was a side :) I also got 2 eggs, house potatoes, and toast (which my daughter ate half of with the jam... fun to clean up :) )

If I ever learn to make this, I will become 500lbs

Upon getting my eggs and potatoes, there were some cherry tomatoes on the plate.. which my daughter thought were grapes.. With the speed of a striking viper, snatched one from my plate, stuffed it in her mouth.. and hilarity ensued - sour face, spitting back out, and recovery time.. Thankfully we had an amazing waitress who brought her a little plate of fruit without asking!  My wife has an excellent meal which I was fortunate enough to finish off (including the plantains! YUM!)

Later today I want to go to Lickity Split to try their strawberry frozen custard and mix it with a cupcake.  I hope I can keep my calf fresh enough to do a long run tomorrow! I am in contact with a fairly fast runner who is recovering from an injury and his slow state run now is my fast pace (~7 minute miles for a long run, he is going back to 6:30 for 18-20 miles, yikes!) So I hope I can stay healthy enough to do a few runs with him and not let him down! (With that, ever you ever need a running buddy, let me know!)

Any plans for Father's Day Weekend?
Do you love Frozen Custard?
Any extra massages/stretches you do for tight/lightly strained calves?

Have a great one!


  1. That was me!! I went out of my comfort zone and signed up for CARA. I have only run by myself before, but I figured it would be nice to make some running friends in the city.

    Sorry to hear about your calf. Have you ever done Active Release Therapy (ART)? I have a severe calf strain in 2011, and I had ART done. Seriously it works!! I also had it done on my shoulder to break up scare tissue and my range of motion increased by 40%. Most chiropractors do it. I highly recommend Dr. Andrea at Wrigleyville Chiropractic.

  2. Small world! For some reason your face popped out! I passed you as I was going north near the golf course, black shorts, sleeveless black top, purple sneakers and a black compression leg wrap! I tried waving at each group, but only the CARA pacers were paying attention! I hope you make a post about the run!

    I did ART at PT over the winter. Was nice! If this lasts longer than expected, I'll look into again and Dr. Andrea!

  3. Angeline ConollyJune 15, 2013 at 9:32 PM

    Yes I love frozen custard! I hope you have a great fathers day tomorrow and good luck on your run and hope your calf will be quiescent on it! Do you use the sports wand? I'm sure you do. I love mine, I got it on the cheap at Fleet Feet. It really loosens up my calves when I roll them out after a run.

    We'll hopefully be running again tomorrow on a less intense trail out in the suburbs where my family lives. I hope the weather is nice!

  4. You guys must visit lickity split then and get a crazy cake custard!
    I actually don't have a stick or sports want you. It is on my list now! lol

  5. Every mile I just thought, next one will be better!
    Still need to get "the stick"! lol

  6. I love that you almost turned around after 1 mile and then ran 10. Amazing! Have you tried one of those massage running sticks on your calves?

  7. Oh man, breakfast bread pudding an lickity split on the same day. Amazing!

    I'm glad your calf isn't acting up too much but be careful! It's always better to be undertrained than overtrained!