Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Friday, June 14, 2013

Happy Day of Venus!

Short post today as how do you follow up a photo with Fabio?

I didn't get my run in this morning, not due to lack of will/injury/sleeping in, but just some work commitments that would prevent me from getting 10 miles in before work today (unless I wanted to run at like 3:45am.. no thanks.. although I did wake up at that time.. sign?)

I'll do my miles after work today, so wave if you see me! I'll write my apology cards to my morning wavers tonight.

I was rereading a few parts of the Hanson Marathon Method book, especially about the Sunday runs. I didn't notice the first time through that they only prescribe a long run every other week, as they "don't want you to do a Sunday long run, a tempo run that totals 16 miles with warm up and cool down, and another Sunday run all in the span of 8 days". Good to know. I'll have to be mindful of the schedule so I don't hurt myself out of routine. Although I do plan on adding miles to my easy runs and such, so that at the peak of training I'll be hitting around 70+ miles. Hanson mentioned in the book that this is more typical of people hitting low and sub 3 hour marathons. He still says to try and not extend your long runs too much or your intensity runs, but rather your easy runs and your warm up and cool down distances.

Speaking of Hanson's, another lady at my work wants to use the method for a Marathon taking place a week after Chicago Marathon, so I'll be lending her the book for a few days. Yay! Another convert.

And in case you are itching for a cute photo of my daughter, here you go!


With that, don't forget Father's day is this weekend! I'll be indulging at M Henrietta's tomorrow and some home made french toast on Sunday after the long run!

Are you running today?
Plans for the weekend?

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  1. Ooh, exciting news about D-Rose!

    I think you at least lucked out on days that you have to run in the afternoon - this weather is perfect! I'm going out for 8 after work myself :)

    I'll be volunteering at the Boston run tomorrow, and the rest of the weekend is various parties/celebrations. Happy Father's Day!

  2. I'll admit, when I felt the wind around 5:30 this morning, I was a little happy to wait until later.. But I still miss my sunrise peeps!

    Have fun with your 8 and the Boston Run tomorrow and the plethora of parties! I expect a full recap of it on your blog

  3. Your daughter looks super cute. Classy little girl, looks like she's riding in the Cadillac of strollers too! I'm no marathoner, but I haven't heard of the Hanson Marathon Method, everyone always talks about Hal Higdon? I usually hurt after 13 miles, I can't imagine 26. lol, I've been running so long, but feel like such a newb because I've never ran a marathon before.

    We have no meals planned for Fathers Day, I hope my husband wants to indulge too... because of course that means I can too! :)

  4. Windows cracked, holler back, bottles ain't a thang!
    This is my first marathon, but I'm a pretty avid runner.
    Hanson Method is 6 days of running a week, and is based on fatigue running to prepare you for the last half of the marathon and caps out at a 16 mile long run.. I only want to run a marathon a total of 3 days before signing up - the day I watched it last year, and the two days before sign up. I figured.. if we have another child next year, I may not have this amount of running time... lets do it. So here I am!

    I hope he wants to indulge too! I went big time eater at breakfast this morning!

  5. Thanks! yours too! We should set up a playdate!

  6. that'd be fun! drop me a line.

  7. Your girl's adorbs. She and my girl could be BFFs.