Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Friday, May 31, 2013

Vacation Recap, Part Two

To make good on my last post, here is a recap of the rest of my vacation out in New England.

My wife and I went to a wedding in Newport, RI. It was on the beach, the weather just barely held together, but it went very nicely! It was my mother's first time watching our daughter for more than a couple hours, but they survived. Quick picture from the night:

Another friend of mine from my hometown area also started a running blog, went on vacation, and asked me to do a couple guest blog posts, I did my first one over here.

On one of the mornings as I was about to go out for a run, I saw a wild turkey in the backyard and decided to take a video of it... the ending is hilarious:


 Now for running in my hometown... was not fun to do on the roads. Where we stayed, was next to a busy road where cars go 40-55mph.  The shoulder is anywhere from 2-4 feet. Maybe 20 feet of sidewalk within a few miles.  Lots of fast corners that cars won't see you running up that soon and so forth.  I did encounter a lot more elevation changes which was a nice change of pace.  I didn't feel that safe running out there. No other runners out there, I saw one guy on bike.  After a few runs doing this, I decided anything longer than an hour, I would drive to the gym and use the treadmill.

I still don't like treadmills, but I did make a PR! I did my 13.1 miles under 1:30 finally! I've been wanting to do it without tapering or resting. Will I be able to reproduce this on the pavement? Soon I hope.  Might be awhile with the weather getting warmer.

The rest of the vacation was friends, family, and more meat and unhealthy food in a week that I usually eat in a month!

And to close off, my daughter watching our plane at PVD Airport as we were waiting to leave:
She brought a mini airplane as well
I was glad to get back to Chicago. I missed the better tasting water, less pollen, and the lakefront path.  Right after unpacking and my ladies went down for a nap, I went out for my recovery run!

 Do you wish Chicago had wild turkeys to speed your run along?


  1. You're lucky there was only one turkey - they usually travel in packs. When I was a teenager growing up in the country in Canada, I'd often grab my tent, venture off in to the woods and sleep alone out there. One morning I was woken up at the crack of dawn by this creepy whirry sound seeming to come from all around my tent. They had surrounded me. I made it out without injury. Turns out when you charge at them, they are kind of chicken.

  2. Whoa, a wild turkey would definitely keep me moving! One of the running paths I looked into in Hawaii supposedly had a lot of wild boar sightings, so I steered clear of that :)

    Glad to hear you had a nice trip, but it is always nice to come home. And what a cute picture of you guys at the wedding!

  3. After talking to my neighbor, I found out there are usually more! I thought the next day they would be waiting for me! After the video went off, the chase continued (both the turkey chasing me, then me chasing the turkey). Glad you survived the Maniac Latin Turkey Disciple gang attack!

  4. Only thing scarier in Chicago are rogue bikes that won't slow down! Enjoying my runs again here. thanks for commenting!