Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Happy Pre Friday Eve!

My wife has been sick for a few days, so of course I'm thinking every time I sneeze or feel a little off, that I may be getting it. And of course we are both watching our daughter and crossing out fingers she doesn't catch it.

Background down, she is going to see the Doctor today just to get a check up, so I am staying home with the kid (my wife is a stay at home mom) for the morning while she sees the doctor and will go to work when she returns.

My wife thought I would be able to sleep later since I don't have to get back from my run as soon... and here is where my slightly crazy kicks in. My response:

No! I want to catch the view before the sunset and be able to enjoy breakfast. Guess I can't complain about being tired today hah!

Today is a recovery run, an easy paced 6 miles. And it did feel easy and I kept it in the 1-2 minutes slower that marathon goal pace range.

Here is the view when I hit the lake:
About 5am

My run was very peaceful. I didn't push myself at any point or feel sore.  It was 50 degrees with no wind, so it was pretty crisp and perfect.  There weren't as many people out as yesterday, maybe because I didn't go down to the Belmont and south area?

The people that were out were mostly my normies, they were friendly, most of them returned the wave/nod.  Nice way to start the day!

On my return trip home, I kept an eye on the lake to see when the sun was coming up and then when I could get a decent shot at it for one more picture.  I wanted to get a photo before the Sun took up its yellow color, as everyone is up for the yellow Sun, BORING! And its harder to look at.

I caught it with a few minutes to spare. Here is the result:

I was pretty happy to catch a person running in my photo!

 If I took a shot 5 minutes later, I would need shades on like my daughter and I would be looking at the Sun like this:

So bright!

Finished writing this just as my daughter is waking up! Time to go!

How was your run today? Do you take time to enjoy the scenery?


  1. No Wind... Hmmm... I am jealous... There is always wind in the afternoon/evening lately and though its not strong wind it is enough to notice that I need to work a little harder during the run. Oh and yesterday was one of those days where it didn't matter what direction I ran... It was into the wind... Grrrr!

  2. I'm jealous that the temp already went up like 15 degrees!

    I tried looking up tips for running in the wind, and outside of drafting behind someone, you basically just have to deal with it and know everyone else has to as well, blah!

  3. I love sleeping in when I get the chance, but I can see why you wanted to get out nice and early - that sunrise is beautiful! I haven't been down to the lake for one in a while, I should really make a point of it. I do always take time to enjoy what's around me (and take tons of pictures!).

    I'm finally running again tonight after a week off, so hopefully getting back into it won't be too hard :)

  4. I love the pictures! I tend to get up super early to run just so I can enjoy a little bit of the morning before heading in to work. In my opinion having an un-rushed run and a good breakfast is worth a little less sleep.

  5. I'm sure you'll slide back into running easy! Enjoy it before pushing it!

  6. Agreed! A fulfilling morning unrushed gives me a lot more energy than an extra 30 minutes or so of sleep! Either way I want to pass out at the same time at night!

  7. I completely understand wanting to get out early and see the sunrise. So peaceful and inspiring! I wish your wife a speedy recovery and hope that you and your daughter stay healthy, too!

  8. My run today had less wind than normal. It was lovely.

    Beautiful sunrise pics. I just can't manage to get up that early... props to you!

  9. Wind can make or break a run for sure! Unless you run one direction the entire time with it at your back, then that's awesome!

    Running early started as the only time to do it, to my favorite time to do it. The few times I run later, i feel guilty leaving with my kid still in the stage of crying whenever one of us leaves!

  10. Appears she had horrible allergies and its clearing up, but that didn't seem right... Feeling better at least! Thanks for stopping by!