Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday Run, Brought to You by Mr. Turtle

Yesterday afternoon, my daughter insisted on bringing her turtle bath toy with her to the park. I thought it was pretty amusing so here are a couple photos!

Also, my big boy shaving material arrived!
Zoom out a little more and you'd see my daughter's tea set

Today I decided to start incorporating +Gatorade  into my run, due to the weather being warm and to get my stomach used to it. I tried taking a few sips every 2-3 miles. Also, my allergies flared up over the last day and I have been having  a raw throat, yuck!  I woke up at 7 and noticed it was already 70.  I guess the season for sleeping in is over if I don't want to run in the heat.

I did my 13 miles today, was prepared with a thick layer of sunscreen, and it started off strong.  I used my Amphipod handheld for the first time around mile two.  I'm pretty sure I drank it in such manner that it threw my breathing enough to slightly cramp me.  The second time I took a couple sips, I started to get stitches.   I toughed through it for about 7 miles without losing more than a couple seconds, but the last second miles the stitch got bigger and slowed me down by about 90 seconds.  Every part of me told me to stop and let it pass, but I thought, this isn't something I'd do in a race so I trucked on.

I was plenty sweaty, initially my running shorts got sweaty and I'm pretty sure looked like I peed myself. Eventually, they were soaked so it looked fine.  A few kids were in a tree by the tennis courts near Waveland and one kid yelled out, hey look! that guy has hair on his chest! I looked, he was stunned and yelped, HE HEARD ME!

I wrapped up my distance, not in my best time, but if this were the Rock n Roll half in July, the finish time would still give me the corral I want for the Marathon. Good to know.

This afternoon I took my daughter to get frozen custard at my favorite place, and here is a photo and video for you!

I want this one dad!

And a video of her enjoying some frozen custard!

Well, that's all I got folks. Back to fighting off the allergies! ACHOO!


  1. Ah the big boy shaving kit... I invested in one of those a year and a half ago. you get a much closer shave at a fraction of the price. I love it.

  2. I think the hardest part is not cutting myself putting the blade in! And after the initial investment, it is pretty cheap! What blades do you use?

  3. I have the Derby Extra,same as you. I'm still on my first box of 100 blades. Same with the shaving soap, still on my first box. Its nice to go a couple years without having to buy shaving stuff.

  4. Ugh today was super warm. Way to fight the side stitches and tough it out!

  5. Huh, I wonder if this kind of thing would work for a daily head shaver like myself.