Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day and a Run!

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms of both humans and pets you liken to your own children!

In order to participate in Mother's Day breakfast this morning with my wife and mother in law at 8am at Nookies in Edgewater and not skip my long run, I planned on getting out at 5am to run.  A few things I had to take into consideration for my run:

A) We went to Hamburger Mary's for dinner and I got the Fiesta Burger, a daring choice..
(Side note: Windy City Runner Girl gives a better review of this place and has photos! Only thing I'd add, don't get the Beer and Cheese Dip appetizer, had no flavor and the pretzels were too salted)

B) I usually run at 9:30am, to give myself plenty of time to clear out my stomach, have a snack, coffee, and get my legs.  All this is out the window today.

C) It was a bit chilly...34 air temp.. really? Come on...
Proof of crazies... 4:23am..Sunday

But we are runners, mildly crazy, so I carried on.  Set my alarm for 4:20am, give myself 40 minutes to try and figure out what stomach I'd have

Wake up, after about 15 minutes I can tell my stomach will be like a sleeping Kraken. I took a couple Pepto Bismols to try to keep it in a deep sleep for my run.  I agree with my running part of my brain that I'll run about 30 seconds slower per mile today to keep my stomach happy.

Get outside, brr... I definitely don't have my winter skin anymore.  After a mile I feel better, but the chill tightened up my legs, good thing I wasn't going to be trying for a normal pace.  Anytime I tried to go close to my normal pace, I heard the rumble of the Kraken starting to wake up.

For the first five miles, I saw one runner, one cop SUV, one biker, and maybe 10 drunk people still up from partying the night before probably thinking it would be fun to catch the sunrise.

The rest of the run was unremarkable.  The breeze out of the north was cold, but not that strong.  A pretty sunrise, but I wasn't taking my hands out of my gloves or stopping!

I got home with about 15 minutes to spare.

Fast forward. We go to Nookies in Edgewater (on Bryn Mawr). They are very kid friendly, have good service, and solid food.  I had the croissant french toast napoleon (Layers of crispy croissant with vanilla marscapone and fresh strawberries.), a bagel, chicken sausage, and the oatmeal my daughter decided she didn't like the texture of.  I felt like it was a Man v. Food special, and I won! That's the great thing about running near 14 miles, you can eat a pretty hefty amount and not feet bad!   The french toast is one of my top favorite breakfast items I've had, right after the Out of This World Bread Pudding from M. Henry's!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Did you get a run in today? How are you celebrating?   


  1. Isn't it funny how cold 30 or even 40 seems now that we're not used to it? My cold-weather threshold is 15 degrees, which is pretty unthinkable now! Nice run today, glad you could fit it in before brunch. No run for me since I did a long run yesterday afternoon, but I may try to squeeze in a swim before we head out to the 'burbs for Mother's Day and my MIL's birthday.

    I love Hamburger Mary's (their karaoke is tons of fun!), but I didn't realize there was a Nookie's in Edgewater now! My parents love the one in Old Town, but I hate trekking down there, so I'll keep that one in mind for their next visit.

  2. I love that Nookies! So delicious! Friendly staff too.

  3. Yeah, I felt bad complaining about mid 30s, but heck, it is MAY!

    Definitely visit Nookies on Bryn Mawr! Really nice inside!

  4. Ah the middle of the night switch! I did that the other week, decided I was too tired, then an hour later woke up and turned my alarm back on!

  5. I'm surprised that manage such a big menu, as its usually a sign of lesser quality food. Its not like, OMG five star dining, but it is all solid and tasty.

  6. Nookies is by far one of my fav breakfast spots. LOVE the omelets there!

    As much as I wanted to run yesterday, I just did not want to deal with the colder weather... So props to you for getting out there

  7. I was going to wake up and do day of registration for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure... but I turned off my alarm in the middle of the night instead. After a few warm days I'm just not feeling like running in 40 degree weather.