Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Friday, May 3, 2013

You Are What You Eat? Ethiopian food = Faster running?

Late run for me today, maybe the latest run I've done in a year. Circumstances prevented me from doing my morning run and I don't have a long enough lunch break to knock out 9 miles... yet.

I cleared the run time earlier in the week with the Mrs. to make sure I wasn't messing up the force at home.  I picked up  dinner on my way home from the  Ethiopian Diamond. They are usually pretty decent, but we've had a few just "meh" experiences. Tonight was slightly above meh, need to try Ras Dashen sometime (Plus they have a better WBEZ member discount)

I put mine in the fridge and quickly changed.  Leaving for the run was rough for me.  The food smelled great and I wanted to be home and settled. Although I know if I didn't run, I'd probably get cranky. Does this happen to anyone else?

I dressed for slightly cooler weather and rain, so of course it didn't rain or cool down.

Today was about a 1.5 mile warm up, 6 mile run and a 1.5 mile cool down (roughly, probably more like 1.2). Total was 9.1 miles. In a month they'll turn into interval and strength runs, based on the Hanson Marathon Plan.

Comparing running at 5am to after work, I'll stick with 5am. No guilt with missing the family, and I know what my stomach is going to be like.  Just booking it after work caused a few periods of discomfort.  I was surprised by the lack of people running, maybe due to the potential rain? Or "Aint nobody got time for dat" on a Friday if it ain't warm and sunny.

The run overall was uneventful, I had a pebble in my shoe to start, that was the biggest drama. And the wind out of the north took the wind out of my sails on my return trip.  Glad I got it done.

I got home, had a quick dance party with my daughter, cleaned up, and inhaled my Ethiopian food (Tibs if you are wondering). Not sure its the best post run food, but hey, you are what you eat. I expect to do 5 minute miles tomorrow for an hour.

Do you like Ethiopian food?


  1. I really need to try Ethiopian again. I had it once, at some place on north clark (I think), that has since closed. I'm usually pretty adventurous, but this place left me pretty unhappy, and making a pretty obvious and stupid joke to my wife once I got in the car (and I think i deservedly got an elbow in the ribs for it).

    Whatever you're eating though, its working. I aspire to run at a fraction of what you do.

  2. hmm, I don't know any on Clark. Only bad experience I've had has been at Demera at Broadway and Lawrence, it always gives me stomach issues. Ras Dashen is supposed to be legit, and the Ethiopian Diamond is usually pretty good, but once in awhile the meat can be a little dry.

    And you can def get to my miles. Raise your weekly miles by about 10% every other week or so. Depending on how your body adjusts. And make sure your long run isn't more than 25% of your total miles. Last January I was doing about 15 miles a week i want to say, and now I'm comfy with 50s! Plus the more miles you do, the faster your 5k will get!