Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Fartlecking and More!

While I didn't run yesterday, I made sure the theme of running kept popping up. In addition to commenting on most local running blogs (everyone is special to me), a new coworker revealed she was also running the Chicago marathon and will be running for Team Paws. So our first conversation went like this hi, and running geek out.

Last night I also found a link to another review of the Hanson Marathon Method in the New York Marathon (Success), Link and some discussion here.

Also, I signed up for the Chicago Rock and Roll half marathon in July after +Maggie MagMileRunner posted a $10 dollars off code. Still pricey though, marathon was 175, half still 100 after fees... I'm not going to be doing it for a PR, but just to get a better corral in the Marathon. Corral B needs a 1:37 which is pretty easy, A is like 1:26ish half time, which I don't imagine happening as it is in the middle of marathon training. Plus, I get to meet some other Chicago running bloggers.(Note: I have no races under my belt so I was signed up for corral F)

This morning I woke up at 4:30am so I would have ample time to run 10 miles and still leave for work a little after 6:30.  I wasn't sure the exact point to turn around, so was going to use my GPS and get my splits while at it.  But the GPS  was taking forever to get signal, ain't got time for that. So I just assumed I'm doing about 7 minute miles and add 3:30 minutes after my 4.5 mile marker, which was about Fullerton. (note- checked on google maps and I was spot on) I tried to throw in fartlecks again today, to get my legs pushing harder and prepped for intervals starting next month.

On the way down, it was pretty dead, but on the way back runners came out of nowhere. There was also some boot camp or exercise at the lake class near Fullerton, a sure sign of good weather. Also, I noticed today, south of Waveland, most people weren't that friendly, frowny face. Maybe they know I am not one of them. Go north of the tennis courts and I feel like family again.

And my person of the morning was a lady on a bicycle that had such a hard Chicago accent, the type you see on SNL doing Ditka. And a gnat update: only three on my neck today as opposed to the army that attacked me.

Are you going to do the Chicago Rock and Roll race this July?
Are you running for any charities this year?
How happy are you that it is Friday?


  1. Chicago Rock & Roll half was my first Half (Posting about it next week as my throwback) - Despite my race not going well (spoiler) - The race itself was very well done though. Good Luck!

  2. Spoilers Doctor!!
    You don't get lucky, you just get faster, right?!?

  3. I'll be at Chicago Rock and Roll (and Vegas Rock and Roll!) as part of my 13 13 13 challenge. I'm looking forward to the chance to run downtown, although I fear for the heat. I remember last year it was around 90 on race day, but they moved start time to some ungodly early hour like 530 or something. Glad I didn't run last year, but I'm gonna tough it out this year. The only charity I run for is Les Turner Foundation when I do their Strike Out ALS race.

    I think we've reached the point of the year where I start to run north. i start on inner path near Diversey, head to the Belmont underpass and then usually decide if I'm going north or south for the day, but volleyball season has started...aka morons on the path near North Ave season has started. I will go north more often than not now... I started exploring north past Montrose Beach last night. Before I never ran past the loop around Cricket Hill, but I'm doing higher mileage now and need to expand my horizons.

  4. Nice! Don't they give you some special medal for doing a few of their races? I'm a little worried about the heat too, just have to finish faster then.

    North is where it is at! less crowding and some alternate paths if you want to go closer to the lake. What type of volume you trying to hit right now?

  5. Its rock and roll... they give out heavy medals haha -

    Also gotta be careful with the heat... experts recommend slowing down by 30 seconds per mile for every 5 degrees above 60. Unless you're trained at and used to the heat, its risky to go too fast. You'll just dehydrate yourself.

    Right now I'm in the middle of a race heavy stretch so I'm only doing about 35 miles a week. I'll jump back to 40+ miles later in the summer when I'm in full marathon training mode.

  6. Ugh. The gnats were nasty at the forest preserve by my house yesterday!

    I thought that Hanson article was so interesting! I didn't read the comments (sorry) but I was thinking how that plan probably appeals to people who to only run 16, but with 6 runs a week and up to 60 miles... people could get really injured! I think running on tired legs from time to time is good for you, though.

    I love reading about your early morning runs! I was getting up early and doing middle distance runs this winter and I quite miss it!

  7. haha took me a minute to get the pun.

    I just meant finish faster before it gets hot. I ran pretty well all summer and will bring my amphipod handheld!

    How long of a training plan are you doing? Or which one I should ask

  8. I agree, I don't know if its a method for people that don't have a base mileage close to maybe 20-30 mpw to do the beginner plan. The increase in mileage will be tough otherwise.

    I was doing mid 30s over the winter and upped it to 50 over the last 6 weeks and I feel great now doing it. No pains or soreness. Its almost liberating like you find a sweet spot. Granted, if I didn't enjoy running, I would hate it.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  9. I'm actually following the Hanson Marathon Method. I've been loosely following it all spring - and seeing fantastic results. I will follow it religiously starting in June and if things go like they do now, I'll be ready to rock the marathon.

  10. Another Hanson-ite! I've been focusing on getting comfy with 50 per week so the training won't be as rough. I think there are at least 2 other bloggers doing Hanson, maybe a third in conversion. We should all compare weekly notes!

  11. I topped out at 45 and it didn't seem all that bad. The key is running the correct training paces. My PRs have all dropped this spring, even when I don't go all out so its making a difference. I'll find out Sunday just how much difference its actually making when I go for broke at my half marathon. The only hard part was at the beginning of the schedule when it felt like things ramped up pretty quickly. The first speed day was awful, but then my body adjusted. I'll be going into the real training with my body already adapted to 40 mile weeks when the first few weeks of training are under 30

  12. Have you read Jean's blog Jogging Jeano? ( She's currently training for a marathon using the Hansons method and it's really interesting to read her posts about how her training is going. I'll be running the RNR Chicago--hope to see you there and hope that you can get in your qualifying time to get in the start corral you want!

  13. Thanks for the link! I haven't checked out running blogs outside of Chicago yet. I feel just prepping for training was a journey in itself!
    You'll def see me at the RNR Chicago, hopefully there is a blogger meetup point there!