Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

8 Bit Running

After a pretty positive recovery run yesterday, I woke up today with an equally positive mindset to knock out 9.  I decided to give the Gatorade step one pouch another shot as I never have time to eat before my morning runs. (Running 20 minutes after alarm). Gatorade pack says 15 minutes. Just like Sunday, get an immediate rush to wake me up.

Get outside, its pretty nice, 51 and almost no breeze.  I am trying to respect my warm up and cools down distances so my total time is unceasing.  I don't really notice any positive gains from the step one pouch.  My stomach ended up feeling funky a few times and the sugar makes your saliva too thick. Not going to try it anymore.

The view this morning was awesome. Crescent moon hanging like an ornament over the melted red, orange, and purples bleeding over the lake.  Its not photo day today, hopefully tomorrow is similar so I can take a snapshot.

A few miles into my run I hear my name and look to see another dad I know who bikes to work. We chat for a few, and I mentally saw myself as Little Mac from Nintendo's Punch Out jogging with his trainer.  Sadly he had to go to work and I was back to my imagination.

For those unfamiliar with Punch Out, here is the screen cap!

Today's shout out goes to thumbs up guy.  He is around his 40s and is putting in work to get back in shape. He is part of the normie club and doesn't break form to say hi, but he does sneak in a thumbs up. Yeaaa buddy!

Around 5:30-6am, the lakefront got much busier around the Belmont underpass and the smaller underpass about a block south of it.  Nice to see more people running again. Is this you picking up again? Let me give you a tip, keep your eyes looking up and where you want to go.  So many people either look down or have their head down. Your posture will follow your eyes, and looking down will lead to slouching, which leads to injuries.

Today was one of those days I wanted to just keep running and take a few breaks to soak in the peace by the lake, but alas, I must work.  Next race came up, 20 minutes from the moment I get to my building, to shower, change yada yada and leave again!

Have a great day everyone!


  1. I have never been a fan of Gatorade products... I feel like they have too much pure sugar instead of other stuff. Maybe try some other gel/goo products.

    It was definitely a beautiful morning!

  2. "Your posture will follow your eyes, and looking down will lead to slouching, which leads to injuries."

    Thanks for the ProTip! I will definitely keep that in mind while out on the trails.

    And in the words of 'Night Vale' "Gatorade is basically soda"