Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Thursday, May 9, 2013

And on Thor's Day, He Rested

Thor’s Day! A day of rest for my legs from running, and I feel like an addict that needs his drug to feel normal. We’ll get to that in a minute.

Last night, I went back to Dak Korean Chicken Wings for dinner, and shared dukbokki with bulgogi (chewy rice cakes covered in a sweet & spicy sauce, topped with thinly sliced bbq ribeye) and wings of course with my wife and daughter.  I wasn’t going to go into this at all, since I already posted about Dak before, but my daughter decided to pull up her own chair, take my fork, and proceed to poke the chicken all dinner and just enjoy the sauce. She doesn’t like the food, but she loves the sauce!  This was also my first experience with Dukbokki (chewy rice cakes in the shape of cheese puffs), and I LOVED them.  Just be warned, they are a lot more filling than you might expect.

Is she my daughter? Wings with a FORK?!

Now for the running portion of the blog.  Throughout the week, I think of topics to rant/flesh out on my non running day, but this morning, I blanked on them all.  I don’t feel I am experience enough to provide more than basic tips (plenty of excellent athletes already got this covered), I don’t have races to review, or running gear to tell you about (although I am curious about the Columbia Omni Freeze Zero line, but I find the price point to be a bit too high just to try out).

As I can’t recall any wonderful topic, I’ll simply share how it feels not to run today.  It feels like a puppy stuck inside and watching other dogs run around the yard.  I don’t feel worn out, sore, or tired.  Walking feels boring, my legs scream GO GO GO! (or as my daughter would say, one, two.. GO!) I know I need the rest them, gotta keep injuries at bay.  I feel slightly guilty eating my normal amount, as my wife says- oh he’s busy stuffing his face (I couldn’t argue with that… I’m constantly grazing).  I’m still going to the gym to work out, but it’s not the same.  It was 62 this morning, and I envied every person I saw outside running.  Just like me get my hit man.  Don’t send me to rehab, I swear I’m fine.  I feel a bit less sharp in the morning and less awake.  Remind myself, I’ll be fresher and stronger tomorrow.

Does anyone else experience this? I’ve read posts about enjoying the time off, relaxing, and it’s important. Totally agree, but doesn’t mean we always have to 100% like it. 

On a side note, a shameless plug for a subreddit I created last year:

It has a little over 200 subscribers, and is all discussion about running and runners in Chicago that use Reddit. Good place to post questions to a targeted community that is a little less harsh than larger running forums.  I enjoy talking about things there that I don’t want to make a full blog about (and it gets a lot more views than my blog! Hah)

Enjoy Thor’s Day!

How was your run today?
Have you ever had Dukbokki?


  1. I always have rest day guilt. I woke up yesterday and my body was crying for one- sometimes you just have to submit! Dukbokki sounds like something I would love- I eat rice almost everyday!

  2. You said (in some previous post) that you are following a training plan but I think I missed the why...

    If you are aiming for a larger race, you really should do a few smaller races. There are lots of things that happen in races that training just won't teach you... Race Adrenaline cannot be mimicked for example... good to know how you deal with that.

    Just a thought.

    I plan to enjoy my day off today but also know full and well I will want to run. Hopefully it will be raining and some of that desire will be washed away

  3. The more that I've gotten into the running, the harder it is to not do it, whether I'm resting or sitting out from an injury. For me, I always feel like taking any kind of break will just kill my momentum, but rest days are really important (which I've learned the hard way a couple times!). I think it's especially hard to rest now because we've had nothing but perfect running weather lately!

    No run for me today, just a circuit class over my lunch break!

  4. I'm going to be doing the Hanson Marathon Training Plan starting next month for the Chicago Marathon. I don't have the right schedule to do any group training through CARA or the likes.

    I think about smaller races all the time, so far the closest I get is crashing races during my normal runs, womp.

    I can't wait for warm summer rain runs! Well, as long as my sneakers dry fast enough!

  5. Lunch exercise is great! breaks up the day and refreshes you (although you don't really want to sit and work as much either hah)