Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Friday, May 3, 2013

Need a spot in the Chicago Marathon? Try Team to End Aids!

My normal post will be later today, as I haven't run yet today. This is my longest break from running.. about 58 hours by the time I lace up later today.

Healthy Running Mom posted about running the Chicago Marathon for The AIDS Foundation of Chicago.
So if you missed out on registering or the lottery. You can sign up with them.  Good perks and training, and the amount you have to raise isn't too bad, $1400.  Their training starts tomorrow, so it seems like a nice long program and you won't be getting hurt.

Are you running for a charity, have one to suggest, or still looking for a spot?


  1. Thanks for sharing this! A friend of mine trained with the AIDS Foundation a few years ago, and ran a marathon in Hawaii with them. DetermiNation, which benefits the American Cancer Society, has spots for the marathon and a few other sold out races too. They offer training as well, but I'm not sure what the fundraising requirement is. They have a kick-off meeting at Fleet Feet in Old Town next Saturday at 10am.

    I run for Uniting Against Lung Cancer, which supports research, treatment and awareness, because my brother's girlfriend, a runner and non-smoker, was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer last year.

  2. Thank you for the info and your background with this!