Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Slept in Saturday

Last night I went to Jin Thai Cuisine restaurant in Edgewater. I won't go into some big review of it (it was tasty and the service was excellent), but I have to mention it to give you the chance to see the evil scowl my daughter has been doing around strangers.

Don't look at me!
 This isn't close to the worst of it, but I didn't have my phone ready for the other moments.  When the waitresses would come to our table, our daughter immediately pulled out this look, and the longer they stayed or tried to cheer her up, the more scrunched up she would make her face and tuck in her chin. My wife called it - a devil made from a cupcake - look.  They had a good laugh, as did we, but oh man she has some DIRTY LOOKS.  One we got up to leave, she smiled at everyone, said bye, and blew them a kiss... We went to Lickity Split after, and I got vanilla custard mixed a red velvet cupcake and my wife got a vanilla custard mixed with a lemon cupcake, but amaaazing.

Now to today - I overslept! YIKES! I set my alarm for 5:10am. I was planning on running a little longer today and do a more scenic route. But I woke up instead to my wife waking me saying, weren't you supposed to get up already? I didn't hear your alarm. I checked, I did have it on, it was now about 5:30! Yikes. Thank you wifey! Got ready quickly (stomach wasn't super ready, but enough for a recover run) and got outside.

No run pictures today as I was on a tight schedule to get home to shower and get the kiddo up at 7.
Quick recap: 6 miles, easy pace (I maybe went a little faster than I planned). mid 50s temp. Saw some normies (thumbs up guy, some middle ages guys, and this Kenyan that lives somewhere close by who always gives me a friendly gesture hello), and the Elijah Running group ( It seems there might be close to 100 of them) were 95% of the path runners.

My wife will be out for a good chunk of the afternoon and evening so I'll see what trouble I can get into with my daughter today! Suggestions?

What are your plans for the weekend? Races/Runs?


  1. It's gross outside here today, but we plan on running at some point!

  2. icks! Probably means to start trying to run early to avoid some of the grossness. I feel running late doesn't help out on the getting to sleep easy thing.

  3. I love the kiddo's look. I feel that is the face I make when my boss gives me another assignment.This weekend is shopping, pizza eating, marathoning, more pizza eating and naping:). Hope you have a great Sunday!

  4. HA! That's such a great face! I feel like that picture is just an internet meme waiting to happen :) Hope you two had a fun day together yesterday!