Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Trucking through Tuesday

I had high hopes for today's run, I wanted to fly, hit the groove.

Reality, not so much. Started right after I woke up and filled my water bottle with +Gatorade . After I got ready and went to slide it on my hand, I noticed I hadn't screwed the lid on tight... All over the floor... Small delay out the door (wifey- don't worry, I wiped it down several times).
Humidity was 90+% at 5am and the temps seemed to be around 65 and windy. Toss the shirt to the side, won't do much other than weigh me down.

Get out and walk to my starting point, my legs don't have the normal spring in them. I immediately know why, I went a little too fast yesterday for my recovery run. I was supposed to stay around 8:30, but ended up about 8:15.  Not a big difference right?

Well my splits after my warm up were about 15 seconds slower than scheduled. Lesson learned. After a few miles, I questioned if I could even do 9 miles today.  Skip to the end, I got through it, still better than no run.

And taking a positive out of this, a month ago, I was struggling to do 9:30 splits the day after my long run, so I have some progress in my, I just need to practice patience.

Some observations today, last night's storm split a few trees in half , one near Ainslie and the other just south of Montrose which blocked half the path. And with the horrific tornadoes in Oklahoma... keep the families and communities that were involved in your hears and prayers, and give however you can.

Instead of a posture rant, here is a product suggestion for everyone that sweat a bit more than normal and your speed sticks and so on antiperspirants don't work for you. Go out, buy some Certain Dri and apply it before you go to bed. Boom, no more underarm sweat and stains.

What summer life pro tips do you use?

Do you hate these friggen allergies?


  1. Oh my gosh - my allergies have been REALLY bad. They do not affect my ability to breath out of my nose (thank goodness) but they make my eyes itch like crazy and I frequently get sinus headaches...

    Nice job on the improvement with your pace!

  2. Good Suggestion on the pitstick. I found mitchum, and found that their "so good you can skip a day" slogan to be quite tru - for me nothing else has come close.

  3. I use the high percentage active ingredient products as well.. as long as I'm able to sweat elsewhere.

  4. 9:30s down to 8:15s is kind of a big, dang deal! My hair and I are not a big fan of this humidity and allergies are not great either.

  5. I'll check it out - not for when I'm running though, I need that sweat!

  6. I use mitchum in the non warm seasons. But man, certain dry literally just closes the pores so you can't sweat there! its great and I want to give up samples to everyone i see suffering with wet armpits.

  7. Claritin is barely helping too ugh. I need to drink lots more water now with all the nose blowing!