Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Thursday, May 2, 2013

My, myself , and running

Today is my rest day from running, so I need something else to ramble about.  I'll flesh out how running has changed for me.

Two years ago, my wife was pregnant, we still had time to be recreational.  I was used  to doing more hobbies like gaming, get out a bit more with my wife, etc.  Jump to July, my daughter was born.  Life exploded and was put back together in a new form.

I was just fair weather jogging at that time, get out during a nap time, still held onto some geeky habits.  This slowly became harder and would bug me, since I refused to mentally move on. My first priority was be the best father and hubster I could be, and as my daughter put a couple months under her belt, she wanted and needed me. I was thrilled and she became a daddy's girl.

We are in December 2011 now, I decided to get real about running. I was tired of losing my gains.  I decided to start running outside all season, if I can start during a winter, the rest of the year should be easier.  It worked.

I built my base slowly (started at maybe 12 to 50s now). I felt great and proud. I became obsessed reading running forums and so forth. But mentally, I still didn't move on from thinking I should have time to do more. I talked it out to try to convince myself that this is life right now-run, work, family time, clean, maybe a tv show.  Trying to fit in something else after work would keep me away from my wife and daughter.

My feelings on running have matured from just my exercise, to the me time I need. Its not what I have known, but what I need. I opened myself to appreciating the run, the high, the community, and the new me. 

Do I miss my old down time and hobbies? Sure, but now when I get a little extra time, I don't find myself jumping into them.  Now I have extended my running interest to reading local running blogs and some other running media. And when I go to the gym today, I know that while I'm not able to match up to the weight fiends on their turf, they cringe at the thought of going to mine. Runners are a little crazy, but I love it.

For now this will work, who knows what will change when we add more children to the mix. Running is giving me the peace of mind and an outlet for adrenaline kicks to fully enjoy my family, be healthy, and be be mentally stronger.

Too long didn't read: running changed from an occasional exercise to my hobby and helped me adjust to life as a dad.

Has running transformed for you?


  1. Well I lost 18 pounds that needed to go, so running makes me healthier. I don't run before work because Dan and I like to run together after work. Dan is a far better runner than I am, (no surprise there) so he pushes Gage in the stroller to challenge him a little more. Admittedly, my short legs do not help our pace. haha

  2. I find it very interesting that running helped you adjust to being a dad. I don't think I have ever seen a similar statement from a runner.

    Running Definitely transformed me - I lost 70 pounds... and probably gained back about 15. Hoping that with running consistently those 15 pounds will come off again.

  3. Its transformation I've felt more than understood. Writing it out helped clarify things. I wasn't sure where I was going with it when I had the idea to write about it. Changing my attitude towards having a healthy (while obsessive) hobby of running, has been good. When I miss my runs, watch out, I can get cranky!

    Awesome job with your own transformation! Knowing you can do it is half the battle to come back to it!

  4. Relevant:

    Great job on the health gains Toaster!

  5. It's cool that running is a break that also recharges you and helps you focus on your top priorities. My husband and I are in the phase of thinking about having kids, and I keep thinking about what open schedules we have now, and how much free time I have for stuff like running and exercise. So it's interesting that you still fit it in, and benefit so much from it.

    I'm not sure running in and of itself has changed me, maybe I'm a little more determined now? Running came at the end of a pretty long journey of weight loss and learning to love exercise, so if anything, running has changed for me. It started as this thing I couldn't really do, then turned into an extra exercise in my routine to help me lose weight, and now I just do it because I like it. The blogging community helps too, because I started meeting more people with similar interests the more I got into running and the support and encouragement is just fantastic.

  6. Thank you for sharing this!

    Once the kid comes around, it turns into making it part of your daily plan or else it never gets done. So I do it before work and before my wife and kid get out. Works so far and doesn't interfere with the day!