Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday Frills

Blogging on the go again today!
Planned a 10 mile run today. 7 at pace and the rest warm up /cool down miles. I didn't plan out where to go, so my path would be an adventure.

After eating like a piggy yesterday I fully expected to have some issues during my run.  First few miles were good. I saw a pack of chickens cross the road then immediately run back. I gave them space after my turkey fight the other month.

I broke my rule of no photos during harder runs as the fog was pretty cool and I ran along endless fields of grape vineyards, corn, and apple.  Plus my stomach acted up periodicaly so slowing down helped.

I hit my pace goal at times, but holding it made my stomach angry faster.

Have family fun time today so watch my Twitter for photos!

Here are the morning photos:


  1. Such pretty scenery for a run! Sorry to hear about your stomach issues... hopefully you'll be feeling better tomorrow!

  2. Great pictures! Hope you feel better tomorrow.

  3. Thanks! I'm not doing my gut any favor with the continuous BBQ and party food! woops (>-<)

  4. It was pretty! I forgot to mention the black birds were chasing me for like 1/4 of my run to get out of their area!

    Stomach is trying! But I know it is all the cookouts I'm chowing down on doing it! Oh well! Thanks for commenting!