Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Thai Powered Tuesday

Last night for dinner we picked up some Thai food from Ben's Noodle and Rice on Bryn Mawr. I got chicken pad see-eiw, Wanton soup, and we split crab rangoons. I took my digestive enzymes before eating and said a little prayer to the stomach gods to not be too hard on me for my run. I also drank like 6 glasses of water due to the extra sodium I took in.

Move to this morning. 4:25, stomach felt good... Too good. I started thinking, oh man, I will surely have a horrible stomach ache and need rush to a bathroom mid run, but let's get it over with.

I had five 1km intervals with 400m jogging planned for today, 1.5 warm up, 2.5 cool down. My GPS was taking too long to connect (3 minutes and I have no patience), so I used plan b. I put in a note in my app of the goal times I was aiming for (3:45-3:50). Now as I wouldn't have GPS to tell me when I hit my distance, I just rounded up my run to a time ratio of 4 minutes fast, 2 minutes jog. This made it easier to track on my stopwatch.

In the first mile of my run, I hit a giant pack of gnats and thought, NO! They are back :(
But that was the only cloud of gnats I ran into (I found their dead ugly bodies on my torso when I got home).

The first half of my run was quiet, I had a pretty low success rate with greetings (I didn't start seeing people until I got into Lakeview, so I blame them!).  My return trip home was nicer as 60% of it would be cool down miles, and the Uptown/Edgewater runners were out and helped bring my hello ratio up a bit!

I got home all gross and sweaty and sadly had to sport my suit today as a pretty big figurehead will be at our office. Put on my suit (I hadn't put this one on since last fall I think) and holy big on me! I remember the pants used to be snug and the shirt is so loose compared to the more fitted shirts I have now.

Here is a picture from my run back:

And a video of my kiddo at toddler gymnastics running to a photo finish:

That's all I got! 10 miles easy pace tomorrow, T-storms in the forecast, hopefully the lightening holds off and my phone is NOT coming with me.

How was your run today?

Do you have a back up plans if your GPS isn't cooperating?


  1. I always just wait for my GPS to locate the satellites... even though I hate it and have waited 20 minutes before.

    I noticed if it needs to charge or has been a while since I sync'd it takes longer.

    I also think my GPS watch is a chick and sometimes just want to be fickle... Cannot get too angry about this without being hypocritical :-p

  2. I don't envy you having to wear a suit in this weather (says the gal working from home in shorts), but it sounds like you need to find yourself a good tailor!

    I used to love Ben's Noodles & Rice when I lived in Edgewater - that was my first experience with Thai food! I love their pineapple fried rice, mmm.

    Glad to hear you had a low-gnat run this morning, the bugs have been crazy lately!

  3. Aww man! That is awesome your suit is too big now! I bet that made you feel good! :)

    My run was SO humid. But we stayed out of the park to avoid the bugs. Ugh. So sick of them!

  4. Oh duh, and your daughter is so damn cute, as always :)

  5. you are way more patient than me! every minute I waste waiting for my GPS, is a minute I might need to catch an earlier bus or get a longer shower after I finish! I use it on my phone, not a GPS watch. It was extra cloudy at my start, so I blame that!
    Thanks for commenting!

  6. I so need to get it to a tailor! Didn't realize I had trimmed down that much.
    Meeting over and jacket and tie are off! lol

  7. haha kinda good. But silly as I didn't realize how big it was until like 5 minutes before I left for work! looked lightly silly!

    One bug was stuck in my ear and buzzing ugly nothings to me!

    thanks for commenting!

  8. Haha you're right, your run today sounds exactly like mine! Hopefully the humidity clears up soon!

    Your daughter is sooo cute too!

  9. HAHA - The Advantage of running after work and not having to worry about a bus :-p

  10. Now that we are both on the track, if I ever don't feel like writing a run recap, I'll wait for yours and copy and paste it! haha (I'll have a tiny foot note at the bottom of course)

    And thanks! Little girls make their dad's heart melt.

  11. Debbie @ healthy running momJuly 9, 2013 at 2:55 PM

    I also had some gnats. I thought I had been lucky, but they struck-eeeww.
    I hope you have a dry run tomorrow for your 10 miles.

  12. is there like a season where the gnats will stop? so gross.
    Crossing fingers for no lightening!

  13. Sounds like all went well except for the "pack of gnats". Looks like Kinley is going to be giving you some competition one day soon.