Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Friday, July 12, 2013

Run it, I'm on one

Happy Friday!

Yesterday evening my daughter had a pasta dinner, which is always messy, but she provided this golden moment:

Afterwards we went out to Lickity Split, my wife got frozen custard and I got a piece of carrot cake. My tot was enjoying it, until a girl and her mother sat in the table next to us and our tot gave them a dirty look (the photo does not do it justice):

She was even able to ask for more ice cream while holding this mean face. 
Last night I decided to change up my morning routine for the harder runs. I get frustrated by not having my normal legs/speed for the pre 5am runs. So I told myself to wake up 30 minutes early to get a cup of coffee in me and have a little extra time to get my body ready. (See 4am..)

I also watched some clips to my favorite gun kata movie staring Christian Bale, Equilibrium (any fans?). I took this clip as my mindset for my pace run today.

Last week was a hilly and somewhat stomach plagued run due to copious amounts of junk food and BBQ. And week before that, I was a bit on the slow side. So I wanted this run. I'm coming for you...

Wake up 4am, feel good. Get coffee and chill for a bit. It does its job, if you know what I'm saying.

Actually put on a shirt today as it was below 65, which is winter compared to the last week. In case you missed my last post about preventing nipple chafing, especially for guys that don't shave their chests, liquid bandage and add waterproof medical tape before it hardens. That tape is sticking to you like a stage 5 clinger. Only down side is getting used to taking that tape off, but maybe you're into that (freak!) And peeling off liquid skin from hair is a fun game too. Don't forget to take it off (even sticks in shower). I left it on by mistake and went to work once, and when I didn't realize it until I was in the locker room at the gym... Woops.

Anyways, marathon pace run today. 1.5 mile warm up, 6 pace (tempo if you follow Hanson terms) , 1.5 cool down. GPS didn't connect until half a mile in, which is also the start point of the path, so I was able to see how close my GPS was to path measurements today. When I stopped to take a photo of pre-sunset, I saw my GPS was ready.

The path was very lightly populated today, which I can only assume is because a lot of people did the Bastille Day race, including a lot of the blogging community! I was going to try to link them all based on photo's I've seen, but I would still be missing some I'm sure.

The flip side to the lightly populated run, was that everyone seemed extra friendly. I even got hellos/waves in Lakeview, Lincoln Park, and from people on bikes! woah.

Now for the run stats for anyone that cares. My goal was to hover around 7 minute miles, but I ended up going a bit faster. I tried to slow it down time to time, but I always felt I was going to slow. The only time my GPS seemed off was at mile 3, when it took about an extra 10 seconds after passing the 3 mile marker, then my times were about right.

Easy run tomorrow. I need to start checking which bloggers will be out on the path Saturday and Sunday morning for side fives! Post if you will so I can look for you!

Thought of the day: Have you ever thought what you'd look like if you spend as much time in the weight room as you did running? We'd be beasts.

Have a great day!


  1. wow! You are super fast!

    Your daughter is cute!!

    I'll be running tomorrow morning starting at Wilson. That's where I am meeting my friend at 6am.

  2. I feel like a streaky runner, well a coffee runner. Morning runs are so hit or miss on if my legs show up,

    She better be cute for the tantrums she can throw! haha

    Oh! We'll cross paths then! I'm starting my run somewhere near 5:15-5:20, so I'll either see ya'll on the way down or looping back(I start at Ardmore)! if you see a 6'3 guy with purple sneakers, holla!

  3. Hi Declan! Loving your blog. Glad to hear you're making routine visits to Lickty Split as am I (you can never go enough though!). - Laura from Running Runs My Life Blog

  4. Hey! Thanks for stopping by! I'm the mayor on Foursquare on Lickity! We probably crossed paths there! Crazy Cake is the way to go!
    Enjoy your runs in this awesome weather!

  5. I'm glad you had a good tempo run! The weather was perfect for faster running this morning! I tend to hover a little bit faster than MP pace too which worries me because those seconds can make a huge difference during the race. My goal for training is to make MP feel like second nature to me so it seems easy to hold during the race. We shall see though!

    I love lickity.. I wish it wasn't so far from where I live though.

    Your daughter is adorable!

  6. ChristopolisTiberiusJuly 12, 2013 at 4:31 PM

    Present. Just had to check in for the Equilibrium fans role call. ;-) Yum pasta!! #WTFSIMFD

  7. justploddingalongJuly 13, 2013 at 7:16 PM

    Whooooeeeee nice run! I can't even manage to tolerate weights for 30 minutes a week, if I had to do it for the same amount of hours I spend running that would kill me....for sure I would be unable to move. To be fair I am unable to move after my wimpy 2x15 minute weights session a week. My arms are useless.

  8. Yeah, Internalizing MP is a big goal! Some days its there, but it is hard to when you feel like you got jazz feet!

  9. My friend gave me the push into the gym to help me get over the embarrassment of being a scrawny runner in a room full of giants. Pull ups still make me feel like so sad..