Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Weekend Recap

A rare busy weekend for us here! Saturday morning I did 9 miles at an easy pace. Relaxing run, not much to add to it. Here is a photo of the start of the path:

After getting home and getting the family started, I took my tot to the park. She insisted on bring out our pride flag and her turtle:

I then went to meet up with some fellow bloggers as they were up in my neck of the woods at Hollywood Beach doing a paddle boarding lesson.

You got Anne @ Anne Really Blogs, Erin @ Loop Looks,+Maggie Wolff, Xaarlin at Pain is nothing, and +Emily Seto.

Couple extra photos:


I spend the time doing the beach thing with my wife and tot.

Afterwards we meet up again at Moody's!

I may or may not have said that's what she said as the photo was taken and blinked. woops!

And director's commentary: There are some Whovians in this photo, can you guess who?

In the evening we had a BBQ with some other parents in the hood out at Hollywood beach area again:

Fast forward to this morning: My normal  Sunday half mara distance. I wanted to take it easy to save my legs for next Sunday's Rock and Roll Half. I started around 7:40am, and the Sun was already beating my energy down, so there was no going hard anyways. One aggravating thing from the run, right at the start of the path, this guy who I judged to be going a bit faster than me, was about 30 feet behind me and coming around the loop at Ardmore. I assumed he was just going to pass me and I could just relax. BUT NOPE.

This guy stayed like 5 feet behind me for the next SIX MILES. I tried to slow down a little, one for the heat, and two to hope he'd pass me. NOPE! WTF Dude. I was a rangry runner and dripping sweat like no tomorrow.  Every time I turned to check for bikes, there he was, ugh.  He went a different way at North Avenue area, and I realized... he wanted to run in my draft... The wind was out of the south and was enough to suck energy out of you. Here is my thoughts on him...

EDIT: I FORGOT! I saw Mayor Rahm running this morning! Did anyone else?

My end time was ~ 1:35. Not bad considering the heat and my plan for the day. I also tried out a honey stinger gel thing, and I liked it a lot better than a Gu. I have a few more things I'll try this week before settling. But I do miss the gatorade on my run.

I poured at least two bottles of water on my, maybe three total by the end of my run. I was soaked head to toe with sweat and water. My sneakers sounded like wet sponges.  Muscle wise, I feel fine, but the heat and sweating are taking a little longer to recover from.

Might go out to George's Ice Cream later in Andersonville, and have laundry to do. Doing Pint night tomorrow with some bloggers! First time I'll run with more than two people on purpose in ages.

How was your weekend?


  1. Your daughter and her pride flag are the cutest!

    Paddle boarding seems to be the new hip thing in blogland. You didn't try it, though?

    1:35 half and not even trying... wow. I would be SO pissed about someone running right behind me for that long. I probably would have just stopped and moved to the side of the path until they HAD to pass me (and then spent the next six miles drafting them because I'm mean like that).

    Did you stop drinking Gatorade because of your stomach? I've heard that it's really not good for that (something about sugar something or other that aggravates things). I started using Honey Stinger gels and I'm a pretty big fan now!

  2. George's is super yummy! A 1:35 for a half?! That's amazing! You are going to do well at your race!

    Ugh, that would have pissed me off if someone was running behind me for that long. I too like Jeano would have let him pass me and then tail him myself.

    Lastly, your daughter is SO cute!!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend! :)

  3. Thanks! I checked too late for that time they were doing and mised out!

    I am stopping gatorade while I try out different fuels to see how my stomach reacts to them alone!

    Thanks for commenting :)

  4. Wow, what a busy and fun weekend!

    Yes, it was a hot day yesterday for a run. I was soaking wet too.

    I ended up going to my friend's house to cool down in her pool. It was the best.

    Good luck on Sunday!

  5. haha i felt like a real person again that has a social schedule! WOMP!

  6. I';ve not heard of georges ice cream, does it rival scoops on 35th?

  7. Thanks! We actually didn't make it to George's, we went to Jerry's Sandwiches and had no room for desert after!

    Thanks for commenting!

  8. Not sure, I've only been to Chinatown and to white sox games in that area, never for eating. I mostly like it for the Horchata ice cream and it isn't too far from us. But I usually end up getting frozen custard at Lickity Split instead.

  9. Nice, more places for us to try on a cheat day.

  10. You did have a busy weekend! Which flavor honey stingers did you try? I tried the original and didn't like it very much, maybe I need to give them another try?

    My weekend was busy too but I still got some run time in. It was a bit cooler in Michigan which was soooo nice!

  11. So nice to finally meet you, your wife and the tot :) wish I could have stuck around longer at Moody's to chat with everyone.

    I'm running RnR too- so far the humidity and temps are looking somewhat agreeable for Sunday. I just hope the forecast doesn't change!!

  12. I had the pomegranate one, I liked that it was a bit thinner than Gu. I felt less..violated..

    Glad you enjoyed pure michigan!!

  13. Thanks again for coming out to document our lesson on Saturday! I'm impressed that none of your pictures include me wiping out ;)

    I think my husband saw either Rahm or Blago out running through the neighborhood once (I seriously can't believe I can't remember which) - so weird to think of politicians as normal people doing normal stuff like that. I see his security detail on my runs sometimes (since we're only a few blocks apart), but have yet to actually see him in person!

  14. justploddingalongJuly 15, 2013 at 7:49 PM

    Looks like a fun weekend and yeah for meeting other bloggers! I too take my turtle and pride flag to the park. You never know when they will come in handy. :)

  15. I like how in the group photo I'm the only one holding a paddle, like I have conquered the beach and this is my army.

  16. My pleasure! I had fun! I don't think my phone could zoom in enough to catch the falls! lol

  17. TO you as well! See you Sunday!

  18. Pretty fair anology for the WRCE